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Craft Golden Negroni

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1m ago

Crafted from native Canadian Botanicals, Ugava gin has a signature golden colour and unmatched flavour. Naturally unexpected. An interesting Ungava cocktail is the Golden Negroni. This twist on the classic negroni cocktail will delight amateurs of strong and intense cocktails. Its natural herbal flavours and hint of bitterness come together to offer a unique mixture.


  • 45 ml (1 1/2 oz.)
  • Ungava Premium Gin, 22 ml (3/4 oz.)
  • Kayak white Vermouth, 7.5 ml (1/4 oz.)
  • Elderberry liqueur
  • 4 dashes of grapefruit bitters
  • A slice of lemon, juniper berries and plenty of Ice cubes



  • Fill an old-fashioned glass with ice cubes
  • Pour in the gin, the vermouth, the elderberry liqueur and the grapefruit bitters
  • Always use a measure and avoid free pouring
  • Stir gently using a spoon.
  • Garnish with slice of lemon and some juniper berries

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